Food & Beverage Filtration Technologies

Filtration Systems & Processes to Separate, Filter, Concentrate and Clarify

Food & Beverage Filtration

Filtration Systems & Processes for the Food & Beverage Industry is a Critical Process.

We partner and collaborate with our food & beverage customers in helping them forge new and innovative ways to create quality products and help lower operating costs. We can help supply products for existing processes or set up new systems and processes suitable for their filtration needs.

Food & Beverage Filtration Technologies Can:

Keep food and beverages fresher

Prolong shelf-life

Intensify and enhance flavor and aroma

Improve clarity and yield

Maintain process control

Food & Beverage Segments

Beer & Cider

We have a variety of pre-filtration ad filtration products and applications to remove various sludge, yeasts, hop particles and minimize fouling, and UV treatments to process water and stored water tanks


Aftek Filtration Technologies offers filtration systems to reduce/eliminate yeast and remove tartrate. We also offer a robust product lines of filtration membranes and sterilization products.

Distilled Spirits

Filtration products and supplies for carbon treatment, reduce barrel char, remove or stabilize chill haze, filter blending water, filter particles and minimize oil issues.

Maple Syrup

Filtration enables higher quality and better throughputs by removing sediment called sugar sand to improve the clarity and taste.


We have expertise and offer filtration systems and products to increase stability while maintaining live cultures.

Service & Solutions That Separate Us From the Rest

You can rely on our industry filtration system and process knowledge. For more than 35 years, Aftek has established a premier reputation for working side-by-side with clients to find, supply and service filtration solutions.

About Us

Filtration Products

Aftek is a filtration, separation and purification supplier of products, systems and solutions to meet the needs of customers across a broad spectrum of industries. 


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Filtration Applications

Aftek is a filtration, separation and purification supplier of products, systems and solutions to meet the application needs within a variety industries. We supply the following filtration products and systems for the following applications:

Product Filtration

Liquid Filtration

Water & Wastewater Filtration

Air Filtration

Process Filtration

Chemical Filtration

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