Industrial & Manufacturing Filtration Technologies

Filtration & Separation Protects Your Processes & Your Production

Industrial & Manufacturing

Filtration Systems & Processes are Essential for Product Quality.

We partner with industrial & manufacturing companies and their proven techniques and technology. Along with our expertise and experience, we can help you bring improvements to new and existing applications.

Industrial Filtration & Separation Options We Provide:

Compressed Gas Drying

Particle Reduction / Removal

Biological Protection

Process stability / repeatability

Industrial Segments

Chemical Manufacturing

We supply filtration and purification products needed in the production of fine chemicals and gases. We are committed to the best practices in providing high-quality service and performance to help optimize manufacturing efficiency, improve product quality and yield, and reduce costs.

Paper / Pulp Industry

We can help specify and supply filtration products for surface treatment, bleaching, additives and water in the paper and pulp industry. With our industry expertise and solid knowledge of filtration technologies, we can help improve paper quality and prevent costly downtime.

Printing Industry

Filtration technologies for printing includes the removal of contaminants, oversized pigments and agglomerates in ink applications to help achieve repeatable print quality and consistency, increase printer uptime, remove blockages and reduce costs.

Metal Recovery

Recovery of valuable natural resources is crucial to not only reduce metal waste, but to the bottom line. We supply refining filtration systems and products to capture precious metal used in production process.

Service & Solutions that Separate Us from the Rest

You can rely on our industry filtration system and process knowledge. For more than 35 years, Aftek has established a premier reputation for working side-by-side with clients to find, supply and service filtration solutions.

About Us

Industrial Filtration Products

Aftek is a filtration, separation and purification supplier of products, systems and solutions to meet the needs of customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

Bag Filters

Cartridge Nominal/Absolute

Sterile Gas

Stainless Steel Cartridges


Multimedia Filtration (Greensand, Anthracite, Granite)


Chemical Metering/Monitoring

Filtration Applications

Aftek is a filtration, separation and purification supplier of products, systems and solutions to meet the application needs within a variety industries. We supply the following filtration products and systems for the following applications:

Product Filtration

Liquid Filtration

Water & Wastewater Filtration

Air Filtration

Process Filtration

Chemical Filtration

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