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Aftek is a small company that offers big knowledge along with expert customer service. Customers rely on us to provide market leading expertise in helping to design, install and service filtration systems and equipment across many industries. 

From water treatment systems, collection systems, removal of particles and contaminants and disinfection, to many other applications, we can improve your industrial filtration process to help reducing your costs and headaches. 

Aftek can provide solutions for liquid, gas and air/steam filtration and purification; dirt, water and oil contaminant; and wastewater removal. We carry a full line of systems and equipment from a variety of manufacturers, including clamps, valves, gauges, pumps, sheet filters, DE filters, particulate and water contaminants systems, etc.

At Aftek, we stock thousands of filtration products and supplies. Our exceptional product line includes high performance filtration solutions for multiple industries. Filter cartridges, pads, bags, strainers and more for liquid filtration and separation, and dry filtration, sifting and dust collection are among our products.

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